Andy’s Wild Adventures: Beaver Builder

Elain 1446 July 2, 2018 Andy's Wild Adventures

How to play: Use the mouse to match the sticks to the holes in the game.

About Andy’s Wild Adventures: Beaver Builder

Andy’s Wild Adventures: Beaver Builder

Andy’s Wild Adventures” Beaver Builder takes you one a new adventure in a wild place full of challenges to beat. You are going to help a little cute beaver in this Cbeebies Wild Adventure game. He wants to build a dam across the river but he doesn’t know how to do that. You must help him complete this task by using your skills. Start to match a stick to a hole in the dame accurately so you can finish the dam. There will be many sticks with different shapes, and you need to figure out which holes are suitable for them. When you reach a further level, the number of holes will be increased, meaning you have to match more sticks. Grab this chance to practice your abilities and upgrade them all through those levels. This is going to be a great Beaver Builder game that you must try. Wish you luck!

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