Andy’s Wild Adventures: Monkey Nut Crackers

Elain 1980 July 3, 2018 Andy's Wild Adventures

How to play: Use the mouse to help the monkeys crack the nuts.

About Andy’s Wild Adventures: Monkey Nut Crackers

Andy’s Wild Adventures: Monkey Nut Crackers

Play a new Andy’s Wild Adventures game called Monkey Nut Crackers to experience further challenges! You are going to meet Andy – a funny and friendly guy that is a friend of all kids in many Cbeebies games online. This time, he will take you to a wild world where you need to help some monkeys get a lot of nuts. They are longing for that tasty food but they don’t know how to get them. Start to control these monkeys so they can crack a lot of nuts in the least amount of time possible. Time will start decreasing as soon as you begin the challenge. Make sure you use your keen eyes, use your fast reflexes to crack the nuts when they pop up. These nuts appear very quickly, so try not to miss them. When the game finishes, you can see how many nuts you have cracked, and Andy will tell you what he thought about your skill.

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