Andy’s Wild Adventures: Run Sengi Run

Andy's Wild Adventures: Run Sengi Run game is another engaging Cbeebies game that you should join to give a test to your logical thinking skill. This Andy's Wild Adventures game is very suitable for the kids. They can play and practice their ability easily. The game revolves around a little mouse named Sengi, and it's trying to get to its lunch but it doesn't know which way it should take. You have to pick and adjust the arrows accurately to make a pathway for the mouse to move. When you are done adjusting the arrows, you can click the Run button, then Sengi will start running to the lunch. Remember that if you make a wrong path for it, you won't be able to finish the level, and the mouse can't have lunch. When you reach a further level, the difficulty will be grown, meaning more arrows for you to adjust. Have fun, guys!

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