Andy’s Wild Adventures: Swim Seal Swim

Elain 1738 July 4, 2018 Andy's Wild Adventures

How to play: Use the mouse to direct the seal to catch all the fish.

About Andy’s Wild Adventures: Swim Seal Swim

Andy’s Wild Adventures: Swim Seal Swim

Andy’s Wild Adventures: Swim Seal Swim game takes you to the Arctic where you will play with a little cute sea in plenty of challenging levels. Feel free to play this Wild Adventures to present your ability and grab a chance to improve it. The seal needs to catch all the fish that are popping up in every level, but it doesn’t know how to do that, so you are going to help it finish this task. Start to direct your seal around in the water carefully to absorb all the fish for accomplishing the level. The fish will be scattered around, therefore, you have to swim to eat them as fast as possible. Navigate your seal wisely, and don’t spend too much time on catching the fish. You have to move cleverly, focus on the game so you can get your job done fast. Are you ready? Join this Cbeebies game now!

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