Aqua Friends

Elain 901 August 20, 2021 Baby Jake

How to play: Use the mouse to touch the octopus and drag and drop them to the appropriate position

About Aqua Friends

Aqua Friends

The poor octopus got lost together on an exciting journey under the ocean. Join Aqua Friends now to help them meet again, create a strong community and feel happy in life.

Aqua Friends unblocked is an interesting puzzle game. Players will use their thinking ability to help the octopus find each other. Maybe you will feel its gameplay is like match-3 genre. But when you experience it, it will change this mindset. Accordingly, each octopus in the game will have a certain number of tentacles. These tentacles act as connecting wires, you need to make sure they are in close proximity to each other and ready to bond.

Basically, the octopus in each level must link, and shake hands with each other before the player can continue to the next challenge. However, players can make unlimited moves, so try different arrangements until you win. Besides the pairing element, Aqua Friends game online also offers an extremely interesting bonus star system. For example, each level will have a certain number of starfish available. Try to get the octopus on these stars to achieve the maximum score.

Play Aqua Friends for free, players will pass levels from easy to difficult. If you feel bored, invite other friends to solve puzzles together, creating excitement during the game. Overall, Aqua Friends is an kids games online that is popular with many people, and of course it is also suitable for many different audiences. You can play it right on your device’s browser without too much difficulty.

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