Baby Jake: Pushing Buttons

Elain 896 July 5, 2018 Baby Jake

How to play: Use the mouse to touch the colored flashing buttons and match the flowers.

About Baby Jake: Pushing Buttons

Baby Jake: Pushing Buttons

Baby Jake: Pushing Buttons game will keep you addicted for sure! Time to meet Baby Jake again with lots of challenges to conquer. You can play this game for kids as much as you want. Pushing Buttons is a new game in the Baby Jake series. Your main task in this Cbeebies game is to hit the flashing buttons accurately so as to reach another mission which is matching pretty flowers of the same type. Every single button has a different funny thing that can make you laugh and giggle. The mission is very easy to carry out, and surely the kids will find it very fun to play. Try to click on all colored buttons to see what’s in store for you. There are no difficulties to conquer here, just only you and baby Jake having fun together. Are you excited about this awesome Baby Jake game? Let’s give it a try!

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