Cooking Fast

Elain 724 September 1, 2021 Funny Cooking

How to play: Use the mouse to touch the available ingredients and cook the dishes according to the customer's needs

About Cooking Fast

Cooking Fast

Selling fast food items has never been easy for shop owners. Cooking Fast will help you get a better overview of what happens every day at the fast food restaurant.

Cooking Fast is a cooking game for kids that many people love on the browser. So, the gameplay of this game brings simplicity and familiarity to many players. Play Cooking Fast Free online, players will become a fast food shop owner. Your task is quite simple, that is to prepare food for your customers on time so that they feel satisfied and delicious.

However, the preparation of dishes such as hotdogs or burgers is quite time consuming. Because each dish will require different processing stages with a certain time. This is also the factor that makes this game more difficult to win. Besides, customers will feel uncomfortable after a waiting period, so try to make the dish as soon as possible.

Cooking Fast unblocked also allows players to upgrade and improve the kitchen with many different devices. Specifically, players will use the money they have accumulated to expand the menu, buy a pan, or a modern juicer to shorten the processing time. Accordingly, there are many things that you need to develop in this game if you want to make your store famous throughout town. Overall, Cooking Fast girls game requires more than just patience. It is also the ability to observe and manipulate the player’s agility to become a talented chef. Do you want to discover recipes to make world famous fast foods in this game?

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