Dinopaws: Hiders and Finders

Hide and seek game is a classic game for kids. Dinopaws: Hiders and Finders are also more fun and of course very enjoyable. With a user-friendly and easy-to-access interface, let's join in and experience hide-and-seek with the baby dinosaurs in the Stone Age! CBeebies Dinopaws Hiders and Finders is really great when players have the opportunity to play with dinosaurs, more specifically, baby dinosaurs. In Dinopaws games for kids, Dinosaur Bob, Gwen and Tony are cute baby dinosaurs that invite you to play hide and seek. At first, like in a normal game of hide and seek, they hide themselves. The player will use the mouse to find them behind objects such as rocks, shells, and flowers. Dinopaws Cbeebies allows players to choose the level of difficulty or ease, the characters in this game are ready to hide from you. Try to score as many gold stars as you can when you find success. The higher the level, the easier it is for players to get more stars.

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