Dr. Panda Daycare

Grainne 1074 June 21, 2021 Cbeebies Games

How to play: Use your mouse to move the babies and feed them or bring them to play.

About Dr. Panda Daycare

Dr. Panda Daycare

Dr. Panda Daycare unblocked is a version of the Panda game series. This is also in the type of CBeebies games online so you can play it with your children.

In this Dr. Panda Daycare game, you will be a babysitter to the various cute baby animals. You will manage to get them to play, feed them, and find how to get them always happy. You can move the baby to the toys and then they will play with them. Moreover, you can get them into the kitchen and feed them with apples, milk, or cakes. These things will make them full and happy. Then, you can get them out to the garden and let them swimming, jumping and active together with their friends. And when the afternoon comes, you also need to give those babies back to their parents. With cute graphics, this game is easy to play and enjoy it. You can try this Dr. Panda Daycare for kids on Web Browser.

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