Feeding Time Game

Grainne 2015 September 11, 2020 Cbeebies Games

How to play: Use the mouse button to throw fishes and feed penguins

About Feeding Time Game

Feeding Time Game

Feeding Time is one of the best Cbeebies games for kids from the popular Sara and Duck series. It is located in a unique location, the home of penguins. However, it is set in a zoo. In which, you will meet up with two little friends standing by a small bucket full of fishes. It is the food that you use to give to the animals which will come thick and fast.

Play Feeding Time Game free online and you need to fill up their stomach as soon as possible or they won’t leave you alone. It’s really an interesting job that you should fulfill in the shortest time if you expect to achieve the highest score. Connect to Feeding Time Game unblocked and you can complete your task by throwing everything you have into the mouth of every creature surrounding your buddies. If they feel comfortable, they will immediately disappear. After you finish the mission, you can restart to gain the point you desire. Good luck!

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