Hey Duggee: Jam Badge game

Elain 2780 July 6, 2018 Hey Duggee Cbeebies

How to play: Use the mouse to squash the fruits in the game.

About Hey Duggee: Jam Badge game

Hey Duggee: Jam Badge game

Hey Duggee: Jam Badge game is listed as a great Cbeebies game that players, especially the kids, should try playing. The game is all about helping cute squirrels tap on the fruits that are falling. They need to make a tasty jam, and they will be much happier if you give a hand to them. Make sure you use your ability to squash all the falling fruits, then help the squirrels climb on the long tree. You will proceed to the next mission which is making some jam, you do this by squashing the fruits into the jam jar, and make sure they match the label on the jar. Try to carry out your mission as well as complete it in the least amount of time possible to set your own record. You can pick a level of difficulty, which is easy or hard before beginning your show. Wish you luck!

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