In the Night Garden: Dinosaur Bones Game

Grainne 4954 June 9, 2018 In the Night Garden

How to play: The mouse is used for dragging and placing the pieces to make a dinosaur.

About In the Night Garden: Dinosaur Bones Game

In the Night Garden: Dinosaur Bones Game

In the Night Garden: Dinosaur Bones Game is a Cbeebies game in which you have to help Andy create a whole dinosaur. This Dinosaur Bones game promises to keep you engaged for sure. The game features many great dinosaurs for you to explore, like Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Triceraptors. You need to pick a dinosaur first, then begin your show. The pieces of bone will pop up turn by turn. Your job is to drag them and place them in right positions so you can finish making the dinosaur. Use your skills, brainstorm in your mind to see which places you need to drop the pieces, and you should complete this task in the least amount of time possible. Don’t forget to pick a level of difficulty, including easy, medium and hard. When you reach a further level, you will find it much harder to solve the puzzles. Let’s play it now! Good luck!

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