Katie Morag: Jigsaw Puzzles

Elain 1849 July 7, 2018 Jigsaw Puzzles

How to play: Use the mouse for dragging and dropping pieces onto the board to complete a picture.

About Katie Morag: Jigsaw Puzzles

Katie Morag: Jigsaw Puzzles

Katie Morag: Jigsaw Puzzles is a free Cbeebies game to play online! More jigsaw puzzles are added to this Cbeebies game, so this can be a great chance for you to show your skills to resolve them all. Like always, you are given some different nice pictures with three levels of difficulty to choose. You need to pick the one you like and select a level to play before entering the show. You see that there are many pieces that are outside of the board. If they are joined together, they can form the picture you have chosen. You start to drag and place every single piece on the board in right positions. Try to do this in the least amount of time possible. You probably get stuck when you play a hard level, but don’t worry, just click the Hints button to solve the challenges. Hope you have a lot of fun with it!

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