Mini Brain Doctor

Elain 965 May 13, 2021 Minion Games

How to play: Use your mouse to do the surgery in the lab.

About Mini Brain Doctor

Mini Brain Doctor

Mini Brain Doctor is a free online game that will take you to meet millions of mini Minions, who are extremely amusing and simply insane. And in the event that you have seen the film, you realize they have a crazy and funny story and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to play with them. They are excessively cool and sneaky. And they just can hardly wait to mess around with your kids in the game.

Play Mini Brain Doctor kids and do all sorts of fascinating things. That is the reason in this flunky game, you really will be a specialist and work on the brain. If you dream about being a professional and do surgery, you can try this game. This Cbeebies minion game has different levels and you should simply put a valiant effort to make him solid while investigating the great cerebrum of a real follower.

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