Nelly and Nora: Outdoor Fun game

Grainne 1589 June 9, 2018 Nelly and Nora

How to play: Use the mouse to play all outdoor activities in the game.

About Nelly and Nora: Outdoor Fun game

Nelly and Nora: Outdoor Fun game

Nelly and Nora: Outdoor Fun game is a fantastic Cbeebies game online in which you are going to give your assistance to Nelly and Nora – the friendly in-game characters, so they can beat the challenges. You have to help them select the accurate and suitable outfit for the weather outside. The outfit you pick for them will lead you to a corresponding outdoor activity, such as hanging clothes, building a sand castle, jumping in the puddles, splashing them away, finding a cat named Morris, leading them through the snow to find all hidden animals and more. These activities are so easy to carry out. They surely bring you a huge amount of fun. Nelly and Nora are so cute, they will go along with you to implement the tasks and will be very glad if you finish all of them. Are you up for this Outdoor Fun game? Let’s join it now!

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