Penelope K, by the way: Bubble Popping

Elain 1578 July 5, 2018 Penelope K by the way

How to play: The mouse is used for popping all bubbles.

About Penelope K, by the way: Bubble Popping

Penelope K, by the way: Bubble Popping

Let’s show off your bubble-popping skill in a nice Cbeebies Games called Penelope K, by the way: Bubble Popping! The game is all about popping as many bubbles as possible to become the winner. It’s free for all players, and it’s also very suitable for the kids. You will be taken to a wonderful world full of bubbles, then you start playing with two cute friends – Hank and Frank. These guys will make a lot of bubbles, the red ones created by Frank, while the yellow ones are created by Hank. Your job is to click on them to pop them as fast as possible. Keep an eye on the timer because it will start decreasing as soon as you begin your mission. Make sure that all bubbles will be removed from the board before time is up. Focus on the game all the time, show off your excellent ability and make an effort to win

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