Penelope K, by the way: Squirm’s Memory Game

Is anybody here excited about the return of Penelope K? She is finally back with another Penelope K by the way called Squirm's Memory Game! This promises to be an awesome and amusing Cbeebies game online for all the kids. In the game, you have to give your assistance to Squirm who is trying to find the right object that has been read in his mind. You need to take a look at all objects, then the card will flip over, that's when you start the challenge. The objective here is to click the right object in the consequence following your memory. If it's right, a star will be directly sent to you, but if it's wrong, you will get nothing. This gameplay is kind of simple and basic, but your memory will be tested, and you can have a chance to practice your skills more. Are you ready for it? Give it a shot now!

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