Red Beard

Elain 620 November 24, 2021 Cbeebies Games

How to play: Move using the arrow system on the keyboard. Press the Space button to help the character perform the jumping action

About Red Beard

Red Beard

Red Beard brings the exciting journey of a fisherman with his signature red beard. Accompany this guy to collect diamonds on a large island for an exciting experience.

Play Red Beard online to enjoy moments of entertainment and are no less attractive through the special adventure of the main character. Joining the game, the player will start this adventure right away without going through the plot introduction. This will save time because your main task is simply to collect the red diamonds at each level.

Accordingly, the game will allow players to control their character from left to right to overcome the available challenges. Initially, you will not face any pitfalls, take advantage of the time. The next obstacles will appear in the next levels, with fish eating people. They are ready to devour your character to make everything start from scratch. Besides, Red Beard unblocked allows your character to move underwater, but only for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds without reaching the shore, you will also lose. Do everything you can to collect the red diamond so that you can continue to the next level.

You may not know, Red Beard for kids so the graphics of this game are relatively bright, simple but extremely beautiful. Thanks to that, it can be suitable for all types of players, not just children. If you’ve ever experienced Adventure games on the browser before, it certainly won’t be too difficult to get used to what Red Beard brings. Hope this game will make you feel excited with the built-in special challenges.

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