Sarah & Duck: Memory game

Elain 1532 June 26, 2018 Sarah & Duck

How to play: Use the mouse to interact with objects and find the hidden objects in the game.

About Sarah & Duck: Memory game

Sarah & Duck: Memory game

Sarah & Duck: Memory Game will be one of the nicest Cbeebies games that you won’t want to miss. Let’s join it now to meet Sarah and Duck once again, and have some fun with them. The main mission here is to help these friends get back to the future by finding all hidden pictures which are not easy to spot. But that’s how the challenge sounds! You need to take a look at the surroundings carefully to find the pictures and try your hardest to spot all of them before time is up. The faster you complete, the higher point you will earn. Stay fully concentrated on the game so you can get your job done as fast as possible. Sarah and Duck will always stand by your side, they are the big motive for you to conquer all challenges. Let’s quickly engage in the game and conquer them all!

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