Show Me Show Me: Jigsaw Puzzles

Show Me Show Me: Jigsaw Puzzles is an entertaining and addictive Cbeebies game where you will have to present your excellent jigsaw ability. Similar to other Jigsaw Puzzles Game, there are also three different pictures appearing on the screen, and each of them comes out with three different levels, including easy, medium and hard. You need to pick one picture with one level then begin your challenges. The main task here is to pick every piece, then drag it onto the board so as to finish the picture that is given to you. Try your hardest to think and brainstorm on where to put the pieces accurately. Once you have finished the puzzle, you can try another one for more challenges. Don't forget to use the Hints button when you get stuck. Do you think you can piece together the jigsaw puzzles fast? Let's give it a shot right now! Good luck!

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