Tree Fu Tom

Elain 1661 April 22, 2021 Cbeebies Games

How to play: Tab on the screen to make Tom move. Hold on the screen to make him leap onto another log.

About Tree Fu Tom

Tree Fu Tom

Tree Fu Tom is a basic game which is a good idea. In this game, you will control a boy to his interesting adventure. It is also an HTML5 and Cbeebies game so you can open it and enjoy this game with children.

With cutie graphics, you will have a chance to meet up with Tom – an energetic boy. Tom will move from this side to the other side on the screen and then come back from that side. What you have to do when playing this game is control him to leap up onto the logs above him while keeping him away bumping into the rest of the cast that appears on the show. This Tree Fu Tom is just a basic game and very suitable for Kids. You just need to tap or hold on to the screen to make Tom move. Children can play this game to practice their reactions and help them entertain in a healthy way. You can open and enjoy this game on Web Browser, both on your desktop and your phone.

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