ZingZillas: Big Zing

Elain 3922 June 28, 2018 ZingZillas

How to play: Use the mouse to choose the instrument and play the music with the band.

About ZingZillas: Big Zing

ZingZillas: Big Zing

Want to play another BBC Cbeebies game online for kids? Then ZingZillas: Big Zing game will be a good choice for you if you are a Cbeebies Game seeker. This kind of ZingZillas game will surely keep you engaged and addicted for hours. A large collection of classic and modern instruments is all featured in the game, so you need to pick your favorite ones before starting the challenges. You engage in a band, and you must work with other friends to use the tools so as to generate lots of sweet melodies. Keep in mind that your tool needs to combine with other members’ tools for excellent tunes. The game is always fun! You won’t feel bored once playing. Just pick anything you want and discover your hidden talented musical-playing skill with members of the band. Are you up for Big Zing game? Come play it now to show your skill!

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