ZingZillas: Hummingbird Harmoniser

Elain 1824 June 28, 2018 ZingZillas

How to play: Click on the flowers so the hummingbirds will play the music.

About ZingZillas: Hummingbird Harmoniser

ZingZillas: Hummingbird Harmoniser

Continue to explore another awesome ZingZillas Cbeebies Game called Hummingbird Harmoniser! The game brings you a lot of challenges and you can conquer them all using your ability. The main task here is to search for all same pairs of hummingbirds by clicking on the lilies. All birds will appear then they will start playing music by utilizing their instruments. This sounds so simple, but you must perform your keen eyes, quick reflexes and reactions so as to finish the task quickly. For more levels in Hummingbird Harmoniser, you need to expose all the mystery of flowers. Start to find the couple that has the identical color, then you will become the winner. Does this sound awesome? Let’s grab a chance to engage in the game and prove your skill. You will surely get a lot of fun with more entertaining moments. Enjoy the game right now! Good luck to you!

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