ZingZillas: Music Dash

Elain 1895 June 30, 2018 ZingZillas

How to play: Pick and place the instrument using the mouse only.

About ZingZillas: Music Dash

ZingZillas: Music Dash

Do you love to play music game for kids online? Let’s try playing an awesome ZingZillas Cbeebies game called Music Dash game to challenge your skills now. This can be a good choice for you. Meet two characters named Panzee and Tang in this game then help them to use the instrument. Your task is to collect anything you want, then put them in a certain area that you see on the stage. After placing the objects, your characters will begin to dash, then utilize them quickly for playing the music. Try to help them control the instrument well, also you can give assistance to them to create the sweet melody by combining the tools. This is going to be very fun! You can test your music-playing skill, expose your hidden talents and have fun with these awesome friends. Nothing can stop the music here! Let’s play it now to suit your desire!

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