ZingZillas: Splat Down

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Let’s play ZingZillas: Splat Down – an interesting Cbeebies game online for kids – to experience further challenges! As you know, Bbc Cbeebies Games are always fun and addictive to play, and this one is no exception. Once joining, you will try to make the tune as well as attempt to finish your task simultaneously. The game lets you direct the hammer for squashing a lot of fresh fruits when they get to the right position. You have to fully focus on the game, use your quick reflexes so as to squash all the fruits faster. Keep in mind that the difficulty will be grown when you reach further levels. Therefore, you must put all your efforts into squashing. If you make some mistakes, you won’t be able to beat the game. Show off your squashing ability right now and try your hardest to conquer all challenges! Let’s jump into Splat Down game! Wish you luck!

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